Eagles Wings Slot Machines: Here are the ways to play

Eagles Wings Slot Machines: Here are the ways to play

In the family of slot machines, Eagles Wings is the emblematic one of the Indian tribal casinos. Taken from a species of bird of prey, its name inspires all the symbols displayed on the screen. This Eagles Wings slot machine follows the classic slot machine principles. That is to say, a row of reels to be snapped on after the introduction of chips. The system consists of a coin detector, a central shaft with a braking system and another for payout. The classic versions contain real coins or casino vouchers, whereas the virtual one actually works through software. You’ll find these in online casinos. The player is thus required to know the presentation of the game, the winning alignment, but also the characteristics of the slot machines.

Presentation of the slot machine

The icon of the machine is a close-up of the head of the whistling kite, which also evokes the “wild” of the machine. In addition, there are also other symbols that represent the circles of life of the animal in question. These include an eaglet on a nest, one of its flying postures, jumping salmon.

Along the game, an amulet also appears as a “scatter” sign that you are getting a bonus. Finally, the game also contains the cards A, K, Q, J. Four tabs on the bottom of the reels capitulate the results of the game. First the number of “credits” you have, which also tells you the status of the total bet. Each time you bet, the “bet” tab shows your amount. On this tab, in the virtual version, an arrowhead can be clicked to raise or lower the bet. The “win” tab allows you to view the number of wins you have made. The fourth tab, “spin”, changes to “stop” as the game progresses and slows down.

It is installed by a software that adapts to all technological solutions. And very intuitive, the sound with Indian music themes fully animates the game during the winnings and the appearance of bonuses.

Operation of the Eagles Wings Slot Machines

Five scrolls are displayed on the screen with all the symbols mentioned above. Only three rows appear on the screen during the game and translate the paylines. Each player has 25 random lines. Before starting the spin, the player is required to bet with chips. The amount of the latter starts at 0.01 euros where the maximum can be as high as 0.25 euros. Remember that with these 5 reels, and three rows, you can bet on five chips. In this way, the exact amount of the bet is capped at 31.25 euros.

During each spin, the “wild” token from the slot machine acts as a joker. This is a real chance for the player to have a winning combination first. That is to say, he has the ability to switch to the missing chip so that the combination can be a winner. In addition to this allocation, the iconic token can help you multiply the winnings.

For its part, the scatter bonus is the bonus icon and extra reel round. In case it appears 3 or more times, the entire game will become bonus rounds.

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