Liberty Eagle slot : Discover this game on your mobile now

Liberty Eagle slot : Discover this game on your mobile now

Released in 2014, Liberty Eagle Slot was available on September 11th of the same year. A popular online game in the slot machine category, Eagle Slot follows the principles of its predecessor Eagles Wings. Unlike this conventional game, it is a reinvented version with new features and modern displays. But the main interest of having it on mobile is its jackpot mode. Who doesn’t dream, among other things, of multiplying their winnings, making gains while really enjoying the casino atmosphere? Here’s how to play the Liberty Eagles slot machine.

How to get Liberty Eagle slot on your mobile ?

Many download platforms have Liberty versions of virtual slot games. Nothing is easier than to go to google play to see the list of games. With a size of only 34.3 to 37 megs, it fits low versions of Android. Two versions exist, 1.1.0 and 1.2.0. As it is a game of chance, it is strictly reserved for adults aged 18 and over. It is possible that certain conditions referring to the identification of the player’s age may be required during registration.

Very light, downloading it is only child’s play. Among other things, it will take you no more than five minutes to get it on your mobile phone. The modern side of this new version allows you to visualize graphics and sound of very high resolution and quality. The themes are also variable and are in the colours of your desires including Pharaonic, Rich Titan, Wolves and Bears.

The few rules that have changed

Once you have truly understood the principles of the Eagles Wings, you will be no stranger to the Liberty version. The slots range from 3 to 5 reels where Eagles is in the 5 reel category. The icons remain the same including the A, K, Q, J cards and then the scatter, wild and free spins. To enrich the thrills in the mobile version of the game, there are other unexpected icons, notably the 7 token which allows you to make the combination of 7 blazing also known as 7 blazing. But it doesn’t stop there.

Indeed, to benefit from the multiplied paylines, the number of chips is added to also create the generous payouts, the jokers or Wild multiplied, the conventional scatters. In addition to the chips, the Liberty Eagle Slot machine also features a Jackpot system with double down mega bets or free spin mode.

The new features that set it apart

In addition to the virtues of the traditional Eagles Wings, the current Liberty Eagle slot places particular emphasis on the integration of new bonus games. So vary your gaming desires while being on the same field with and leave with the Japanese sensation of the Olympus pachinko bonus, the Hit multiply Pegs to awaken your playful side or even the wheel of fortune. All this while banishing the heavy expectations of spin turns and taking advantage of the bonuses, which are all in Jackpot mode. What’s more, to transport you directly into the atmosphere of Liberty Eagle slot casinos, Liberty Eagle slot compensates its players by integrating favourites such as the Triple 777, Bells and Bars and Cherry Wild.

Liberty Eagle slot alone brings together all the qualities of fun, challenge and winning while remaining as easy and intuitive as ever. Amateurs, beginners and also professionals, nothing will resist it on mobile. At least you still have to try it.

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