Understanding how the American Eagles card works

Understanding how the American Eagles card works

Several purchases per year or an important spontaneous purchase, the American Eagles card is a good alternative solution to save money and above all to make shopping easier. You still need to know the details of how this type of card works.


It is important to note that all American Eagles customers can have a card. Indeed, all you have to do is make a request. The request is usually validated in just a few minutes. In addition, the card can be used immediately. It’s simple and convenient at the same time. This card will then be used to pay for purchases and benefit from the various advantages offered.

That said, for several purchases per year, the card allows you to make significant savings in terms of points. We’ll come back to this a little later. This is also the case for spontaneous purchases. In fact, you can also benefit from significant advantages when you make a large purchase in one go. Especially since points can be accumulated and do not expire.

How it works

In the same spirit as a visa or mastercard, the American Eagles card allows you to pay for purchases. However, it should be noted that the card cannot be used in other stores. In other words, this card is only valid in American Eagles shops, Aeri shops and the brand’s websites. Similarly, it is not possible to withdraw money from ATMs.

As mentioned, this is a card to facilitate payment as well as to benefit from certain advantages that only cardholders can enjoy. In addition, it is possible to obtain an American Eagles visa card. As the name suggests, this card can be used wherever there is a visa. However, the application is more appropiate than for a simple card.

What about points and benefits

The first advantage of an American Eagles card is its practicality and above all its ease of use. Especially since the card can be used immediately. With this first use, you can already benefit from a 15% discount on your first purchase. It is also possible to keep this advantage for another purchase as you wish.

In addition, as mentioned, there is what is known as point accumulation. These are points that can be exchanged for a discount when making a purchase. These points do not expire and can always be accumulated if they are not used. To earn points, you must make a purchase of 25 S. In other words, for every 25 S of purchase, you earn 1 point.

Not forgetting the four events organised by the company. Dedicated savings events especially for cardholders. For active cardholders, i.e. those who use their card to pay for purchases, they receive a 20% discount each year on their birthday. One can already imagine the savings that can be made by using this card.


The American Eagles card allows you to save money and make good plans, but with a few conditions. Starting with the use of the benefits. It is important to note that discounts cannot be applied all at once. That said, for example, you cannot use the birthday discount and extra points at the same time. You have to choose. Besides, points accumulate and do not expire.

In addition, you have to be active enough with your American Eagles card to take advantage of the 20% birthday discount. That said, you have to pay for purchases with the card, but you also need to have a healthy card with a good collection.

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