All about how the eagle sun slot machine works

All about how the eagle sun slot machine works

In recent years, the number of players of online games, especially slot machines, has been increasing day by day. Among those available, the eagle sun slot machine is unanimously acclaimed for its functionality and its unique, easy-to-use interface. The reason why players spend their time there is that the gaming experience is of very high quality and the offers are advantageous for everyone. To find out more, you need to understand the different features of this slot machine.

The eagle sun presentation

When you start playing the eagle sun slot machine, you will enter an Indian atmosphere, which is not very common for online games. The games take place in a desert, this machine is designed by the same software as the Respin Racer. Once the bonuses are available, players can make up to 20 free spins. It features several majestic landscapes and a quality visual presentation. You have the opportunity to play this game on your smartphone or tablet and this for all phone versions. It is possible to play Eagle Sun for real money. In case you don’t want to play for real, you can stay on the demo mode by playing for free.

The different symbols of the game

When playing Eagle Sun, you will see a multitude of symbols. The most important among them are the eagle and the mountains. You will also see an Indian chief who will be regularly present during the games. There are also royal symbols, but they are of low value in the game. There are 5 of them in total and they are on the payline. On Eagle sun, there is a payout table corresponding to the slot machine that includes :

  • The Wild / Scatter Symbol;
  • The Indian Chief;
  • The Dream Catcher;
  • The Card Costume Symbols;
  • The Indian man and woman.

They all correspond to payment lines with a pay value. For example, for the Wild symbol it is Pay 17.5x for 5 on a single payline, for the Costume symbols it is Pay 3x and 2.5x for 5 and others.

The features of the slot machine

The Eagle Sun slot machine is designed with Lightning Box to provide a modern and easy to use interface. It provides entertaining features. It has 40 lines on the base game and 5 x 4 reels. Players have the opportunity to double the game and can then play up to 80 lines. Jokers, free spins and respins are part of the game’s features. In order to have up to ten free spins, you need to have the Eagle Totem Scatters in a few different places. Depending on the number of symbols on the reels, you have the chance to win up to 100 rewards. Also, during the free spins, the lines on the reels will increase in volume. Following this same free spin, you have the privilege of winning a Super Eagle Spin to receive a variety of rewards.

All in all, the Eagle Sun Slot is very entertaining. It’s the simplicity of the slot that makes it so beautiful. All the symbols are well represented and user reviews are positive. Also, the prices are interesting and reasonable for this type of game. For the big players, it is easier for them to raise the bet and bet more to win more on Eagle Sun.

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