Highlights of the American eagles card

Highlights of the American eagles card

This credit card is perfect for shopping lovers and trendy people. There are other advantages as well, but you still need to know exactly how it works. It goes without saying that like any other formula of this kind, there are some important details that you should absolutely know.

How does it work ?

To explain in a simplified way, the American Eagles credit card is a card that allows you to make purchases on credit in a clothing and ready-to-wear shop. Also, you can benefit from a discount as well as the points accumulated with which you can also constitute a purchase. In other words, it’s a card that allows you to make purchases while benefiting from other advantages as well as savings.

It is important to note that the card is only valid and usable in Eagles and Aeri shops. Naturally, this is also valid for company websites. In other words, the card cannot be used in other shops, let alone to withdraw cash from ATMs. It is a revolving line of credit like Visa or Mastercard.

Furthermore, it should be noted that in order to benefit from such an offer and have the card, all you need to do is apply for it. This is usually done quickly. It only takes a few minutes and the activation of the card is also done immediately once the request has been approved. In addition, there is the American Eagles visa card. As its name suggests, it can be used wherever there is a visa.

The benefits of the American Eagles Visa Card

This type of card is particularly interesting because of its practicality. Indeed, as mentioned, it only takes a few minutes to obtain the card and take advantage of the proposed formulas. In addition, customers receive a 15% discount for their first purchase with the card. An interesting and economical option for shopping with peace of mind.

In addition to this, there is what is known as point accumulation. The points constitute the savings. Indeed, points can be exchanged for discounts. Note that 10 points are equivalent to 10 S of reduction. Note that you get one point after every 25 S of purchase in the shop or online on the site.

Not forgetting that there are events organised by the brand up to 4 times a year. These events are strictly reserved for American Eagles cardholders. In addition, when you are active with the card, you receive a 20% discount on all purchases on your birthday.

Another very important benefit of using the American Eagles card is that you save money. Indeed, it is satisfying what you can save while making several purchases. Especially since the points accumulated do not expire and can always be used when you decide to do so. This is also the case for spontaneous purchases. You can save up to 15% on your entire bill.

A few details

For the sake of the brand’s continuity and profit, there are nevertheless certain conditions on discounts. That said, several types of discount cannot be applied to a single purchase. To illustrate this, for example, when you make a purchase on your birthday, you can use the 20% discount coupon, and that’s it.

Likewise, you have to be active with your card to be able to benefit from these advantages, especially on the birthday coupon. That said, you have to pay for the purchase with the card when you make your purchases.

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